Sunday, January 29, 2012

Roland JP-8000 Demo | Roland JP 8000 Programming Session

Roland JP-8000 Demo | Roland JP 8000 Programming Session Tube. Duration : 6.57 Mins.

Starting from a patch I made, looking for sounds on the JP-8000. A programming session showing filter and some supersaw, feedback osc. (Last gear video using the stupid camera mic) -|-Roland-JP-8000-Demo-|- "In dual mode using what Roland calls 'stacks', the JP is its most powerful..." -------------------------------------------------------------------- Read on as I rap about the JP and how I like to set up my init patches. You may have heard the story before: Roland meant to call the JP the Jupiter-8000 but lost the naming rights. I think the JP-8000 is a DSP descendent of older Roland keyboards like the Jupiter-6 and Junos, JXs. Supersaws were meant to help recreate the character of Jupiter-8. Because it was a one-time synth engine, it had its own special set of compromises as well. Roland has not produced a DSP based virtual analog since the JP series. GAIA and SH-201 use PCM sample based waveforms. My Roland JP-8000 favorite trick: Use dual mode fire up both the parts, set OSC BALANCE to 50%. At first set them to be the same Waveform, you can always mix and match later. Turn up the AMP LEVEL control on both upper and lower parts. Set the bass, treble, chorus/FX to your liking. For regular 'analog' sounds, do not use so much fx (thanks Gerry from for this tip..) Try regular saws and try setting performance option part detune to +7, +11 or any other odd number. Roland says +20 in the manual. Change it to whatever sounds tighter - more like unison, or ...

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