Monday, January 23, 2012


RULE OF MAN (CHRISTIAN MUSIC VIDEO) by NEW INDIE ARTIST BRANDT MORAIN(song is best at top HD setting Tube. Duration : 5.32 Mins.

THIS VIDEO / SONG SOUNDS BEST WHEN VIEWED IN HD (High Definition-the hottest video resolution). We use HD to give you the best Christian music video experience possible. A free MP3 of this Christian song is available for free download at in the best music format possible (True CD quality -- 320Kbps). YouTube formats do NOT give you the best music video quality. YouTube is not CD quality. Sample audio of our other songs are also available. Band / Group Details: Our new Debut CD "Volume One" has had great reviews and articles from Music Review, USA Today, Alternative Press Magazine as well as contributing writers for top publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine. Our album has received substantial Radio Airplay in Phoenix AZ and Albany NY as the official music for two radio talk shows on stations KFNX 100 and Talk 1300 AM, some of the hottest radio stations in their market. Brandt Morain "Volume One" is comprised of multiple genres including 1970-80's style Rock, Country, A Capella, Christian / Religious, a song that makes fun of Rap, Easy Listening and a few recordings that defy categorization. In order to bring you the best Christian music possible, our recording philosophy omits recording industry "innovations" such as Autotune. These devices damage a recording artists performance in our opinion, producing sterile results that have destroyed the quality of some of the best Christian songs and other great music in the industry. Music Review said ...

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