Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cubase 5 quick midi guide

Cubase 5 quick midi guide Video Clips. Duration : 7.70 Mins.

Here is a really quick guide to get up and running using the Steinberg Cubase software together with a USB midi keyboard and a few demo soft synths. It is really easy to start going and you will be creating music almost instantly. I'm not a keyboard player although I like to play around with tech stuff. The song i'm trying to create here is a feeble attempt of Jean Michel Jarre music. And no, this is not a musical statement, it is just a demo song. Equipment used: Novation ReMOTE 37 SL midi (via usb) keyboard Steinberg Cubase 5 Focusrite Saffire LE sound card (Firewire) ADAM A8 active monitors Zoom Q3 Handy Recorder (audio and video) A very standard office computer (IBM Compatible PC) Here's a few links you might need: Steinberg: Novation: Focusrite: Arturia:

Keywords: steinberg, cubase, novation, focusrite, jean michel jarre, zoom, q3, soft, synth, into music lund

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